Maleficent is BAD

1 hours 38 minutes of I-have-no-clue-how-this-got-greenlit.  Don't spend your $ on it.  Don't waste your time.  Go rent the old animated DVD.

Not only did they ruin the perfect Disney Villain, they had plot holes a mile wide.  This film was so terrible, people should be fired for it.

And you all know how generous I am with films.  Yes, it's that bad.

Maleficent is BAD

1 hours 38 minutes of I-have-no-clue-how-this-got-greenlit.  Don’t spend your $ on it.  Don’t waste your time.  Go rent the old animated DVD.

Not only did they ruin the perfect Disney Villain, they had plot holes a mile wide.  This film was so terrible, people should be fired for it.

And you all know how generous I am with films.  Yes, it’s that bad.

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82 thoughts on “Maleficent is BAD

  1. Yeah, I was upset about how they changed the story. The previews looked so good and then when I watched the movie I felt so disappointed by it. 

  2. Jacob, the problem is they made Maleficent sympathetic and "misunderstood".  I understand the idea that if you are going to make a movie centered on a character its very likely you need to make that character sympathetic but if that is the case then don't make a movie about a character that is the iconic villain of the Disney world.  Maleficent is the "Mistress of All Evil" – based on the movie Maleficent is a "misunderstood hero"… that's a fairly big change.

  3. I can't wait to see that movie. I need some feedback. What did you guys think of the movie? Is it something I should see or something I shouldn't see? I am just curious. I don't want to know the whole story. I just want to know if it is a good thing or bad thing to watch. Post back and let me know what you thought of the movie

  4. I have to figure out a movie for the next weekend and the selection isn't that great atm, I already watched Godzilla. No idea if the latest Tom Cruise movie works, it looks a bit like Planetside 2 and I am tired of dying over and over. XD

  5. I didn't think it was too bad. It wasn't great, but I'm not a big Angelina Jolie fan so she bothered me more than the story did. Although, admittedly, the story wasn't really deep. But it's Disney — so I didn't expect something really deep.

    I get people getting upset that she's "misunderstood" in the movie instead of being all bad and evil, but then again that's hardly a unique concept. For example, the same thing with the whole Wicked series of books/musical/rumored movie. That whole series is wildly popular and they play off the idea that the "wicked witch of the west" is part of the conspiracy against her. This story is basically the same sort of idea.

  6. a friend, who LOVES maleficent, thought angelina was amazing as the main character….but that's about it. she criticized the rest of the cast, esp the fairies, and hated the plot holes, too. 
    i will probably eventually watch on netflix b/c i want to see angelina b/c i know she's awesome in this role. 


  7. It was maleficent's side of the story. Her back story. I thought it was awesome. It wasn't meant to be a remake of sleeping beauty. I thought is was money well spent, wish I spent the extra to watch it in 3d

  8. Every thing around Angelina was bad but her. The director failed big time with the cast choices. Nothing was convincing and the animation wasnt the best either.

    The creatures were too much! Without a point..made for making the kids wonder in a magical land.

    Stupid sence of comedy..

    I guess, it was the director failure.

    Having said that.. I did enjoy the concept of the story.

  9. I've only read Wicked, not seen it in the theatre. Its strengths are that it ties very well into the Oz world. It fits very well and gives her a reason for being nasty. Misunderstood isn't really how I'd paraphrase Wicked. 

    I haven't seen Maleficient and hadn't planned to due to not being a real fan of Jolie very much. Still this isn't the first PPPHHHTTT review I've seen for the movie.

  10. I enjoyed the alternate story. Way I see it, if marvel can make the kingpin and Nick fury black and rearrange the origins of characters in the movies, Disney can do the same if they choose.

  11. Disney certainly can – except they failed.   It was painful to watch.  It was a waste of Sharlton Copley, who is much better than how he was shown here.

    I think the studio dopes at Disney were thinking they could try and mess with a film like they do with the stories on Once Upon a Time.  Except they sucked at it with the film and ruined everything amazing and awesome about Maleficent in the process.   

    I am so glad the original animated film is still there.  *That* is who Maleficent is.

  12. The movie was great. They took a classic story and added a twist. The made something new instead of just remaking a movie that's been done to death. Worth the money if you have an imagination and enjoy looking at things from another perspective. Loved it!!!!!!

  13. Um, lady you are sooooo wrong.  Don't listen to her.  Yes, the plot might have been different, but I thought it was way better than the animated one.  This movie is worth every single penny.  In fact, the Disney animated one isn't even the original one.  If you want to talk about sticking to the plot, read the Grim fairy tales.  Just saying.  And no.  Nobody knows about how "generous" you are to films, because apparently you are not.  And how would you like it if you were fired?:)

  14. In fact it's just a fairy tale. A VERY fairy one. But hey, I think a lot of people went there because of Angelina J. ;3
    Visuals are very cool, Angelina is awesome but yeah, story is kinda… yeah… 
    It's worth to have one visit there though. Probably will later buy a blueray to watch it again in 3d at home with friends.

  15. +Stewart Gee that's the most intelligent thing anyone has said yet. Why take some random persons opinion and NOT see it because she said it was bad. Go see it and form your OWN opinion. These people who are thanking her for "saving their money" are killing me.

  16. I saw a woman with a tatoo of maleficent yesterday and i did not know what it was, so i asked her, and she said it was a movie character, but i did not know. Now i read the story and it has so much more meaning….. i like it. 

  17. Hmm well I liked Prometheus more than this film.  That says more than I could ever possibly explain to anyone not understanding why this film was so terrible.

    It was a dumb retelling of a story that didn't need retelling.  The TV show did a better job – perhaps just leave it up to Once Upon a Time to do it from now on.

    Also, /patpat to new people who don't know me.   The reason why people trust my opinions is because they've followed me for more than two years and kinda know my tastes.  A very wise axiom, "Consider the source."

    Some random fangirl, or someone you've been familiar with for 2+ years.

  18. +Jennifer Bailey, I'm going to blatantly attempt to hijack your thread for just a minute, hope you don't mind. Have you seen the first episode of Crossbones with John Malkovich? Totally out there but with a great cast and very clever writing, think you'd probably like it. Sorry, we now return you to your scheduled programming.

  19. +J Boss there's nothing wrong with her giving her opinion. I'm not going to see it now, until it comes out on Netflix.

    I had a feeling (based in the trailer) that they were going to go the whole misunderstood route. Oh well…

  20. For various reasons I went to 3 big budget movies in as many days, I have to say none, including this one, impressed me with their story. That being said, I would not say it was bad, mediocre to be sure. The families in the theater seemed to quite enjoy it, so I would say to take your kids and keep your own expectations low.

  21. +J Boss that is also her opinion. You can choose to agree or disagree.

    People are acting as if her not recommending the movie is some kind of blasphemy.

    I'm beginning to wonder if some of these people work for Disney.

  22. If all you want is the same hash, take the advice and watch the old one. This is a different take, much along the vein of Wicked. In no way is it "bad", or a "waste", for most creatives or connoisseurs. Enjoy.

  23. Sounds like another promising movie adaptation let down by unwarranted plot additions & subtractions, and character rewrites. Despite the popularity and technical excellence of the LOTR trilogy, I still cannot get past the quite major character changes and plot diversions/subtractions compared to Prof Tolkiens beloved book – I'd love to see a fan made version, as The Hunt for Gollum shows it can be done, but as true to the books as possible…

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