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 Historical authors tend to do some pretty good research :)

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English Historical Fiction Authors: Catharine Macaulay – a dangerous woman writer in a scandalous marriage
Educated by a governess, Catharine later described herself as “a thoughtless girl till she was twenty, at which time she contracted a taste for books and knowledge by reading an odd volume of some history, which she picked up in a window of her father’s house.” …

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  1. It's in your settings, possibly, Joseph — whatever circle you added me to probably has notifications turned on.

    If you go to "People" on the left drop down menu, then once there, at the top you will see a "My Circles" option, click that and then click on the circle I am added to.  Over to the right will be a little bell icon that can manage your notifications.  It is probably clicked to "on."

  2. Boadicea wasn't actually a ruler – her husband was King and instead of letting the Romans take over when he was assassinated and her daughters raped — she revolted and led the revolt.  But she wasn't a ruling Queen, perse.   Sorry to say – I love the idea of her.

    You're referring to the Brehon Law of early medieval Ireland – but unfortunately there is no consensus as to where these laws ultimately came from.  Wikipedia has a great summary here:


    Be careful when doing Celtic studies.  A lot of previously known ideas have been summarily turned on their heads and dismissed by recent archaeology in the last twenty years.  I'd not trust much of anything published before 1980.

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