A lot of people asked who did the artwork I posted for A Memory of Light (even though…

A lot of people asked who did the artwork I posted for A Memory of Light (even though I clearly gave credit in the post) well, for those interested in much greater detail of what exactly this Master does to complete a piece like this, you can get an insight here, on his blog:  

Michael Whelan


Michael Whelan is seriously the best fantasy illustrator living right now.  He's the most awarded by far and is the most successful, mostly working on his own personal projects instead of Book Covers now.  He has always been my absolute favorite since I first saw his work as a girl.  I own many of his limited edition prints but of course it's my goal to commission him someday, making such a ridiculous offer that he couldn't refuse me :D

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Tragically author Robert Jordan died in 2007 after struggling with a rare blood disease. Fans feared his work would go unfinished, but his widow and longtime editor Harriet McDougal enl…

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22 thoughts on “A lot of people asked who did the artwork I posted for A Memory of Light (even though…

  1. "… best fantasy illustrator living right now."  Definitely, and more than just that.  I think his style pretty much defined fantasy illustration for this generation, much like Frazetta did in his.

  2. Wow I had not heard Darrell K. Sweet had passed away, and thus the upgrade to Michael Whelen. I don't wish to disparage the deceased but I did not like Mr. Sweet's work, either stylistically or in terms of how he illustrated the various books.

  3. Elmore isn't even remotely as practiced with anatomy as Whelan. Nor as Lauded with awards. We all have our little favorites but skill and technical prowess is what it is.

    Elmore is a bit of a one-trick pony at any rate. Quite a nice man (met him several times, he is always at Dragon Con) but he doesn't even compare with the depth and breadth of quality that Whelan possesses.

    Todd Lockwood eclipses Elmore as well. I could name a dozen other artists with more skill. /shrug. Doesn't even matter in the end, because it is basically opinion. So you're welcome to yours and I am welcome to mine.

  4. I am getting closer to the end, I'm still not finished reading.

    This is a small version of "The Way of Kings" cover, which was also written by Brandon Sanderson.

    It looks and feels quite similar, IMO! And ofc it's pure awesomeness. Vivid colors and great detail.


    I have a high res version of this cover, I just forgot where I uploaded it if anyone is interested.

  5. Not just Alan Lee, but John Howe as well +Dave Gaudio and both of them, while very good at landscapes and monsters, still fall a bit short on the people side of the spectrum.  Admittedly people are the hardest to master – probably why folks like Bourgereau, Sargent, Caravaggio and Da Vinci are considered perennial Grand Masters :)

  6. Michael Whelen has always been the artist who has had the greatest ability to spirit me away to the world of the story. I love that it's his image of Roland, the Gunslinger, that is the image that is in Stephen King's mind.

  7. Sorry to respond so late +Donaithnen Keir I only saw your reply now – I think they kept Mr. Sweet around out of loyalty, to be honest.  He started with the series before it became such a hit…  but boy oh boy his anatomy was bad lol    I can see why they switched to Whelan, they wanted to give their gargantuan, successful series a grand-slam send off.   And what a send off.  I remember posting about it when the cover was revealed.  That really looks like Rand, to me.  I rarely feel like an artist can convey a character and Whelan just nailed it.  In my opinion, anyway :)

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